Nessa Jimenez

Project Manager | PMP Certified

Freelance project manager specializing in businesses focused on social good, wellness and personal development, including professional coaches, counselors and spiritual services.In other words, I help the helpers!

Why project management?

It's ingrained in my DNA; I have a knack for breaking down complex things into smaller pieces, a problem-solver, and I'm seriously bothered by anything inefficient 😂.I'm also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by the PMI.

Why focus on personal development and spiritual growth?

I'm an avid seeker of knowledge from coaches, teachers and therapists. I've noticed that while these helpers are great at helping people, they often struggle with implementing the business side of things.Through a natural progression, I found myself going from client to a helper, leveraging my professional experience to help take these professionals from ideas to execution.I find it really fulfilling, I get to help the helpers help everybody!

What else?

Hailing from the beautiful Puerto Rico, I've been a remote work enthusiast forever and regularly work with people from all around the world.And, if you're into that sort of thing, I'm a Gemini, Enneagram Type 6 and INFJ-T.

Let's connect

I've embraced a minimalist approach to my online presence, which means you won't fine me on most platforms. BUT you can find me through the links below!

Project Management Services

I currently offer two services: project road mapping and project planning.Learn more about each on this page.

Project Road mapping

  • You have a project/idea for your business that needs a cost-effective viability test.

  • You’re looking for action-oriented analysis without getting bogged down in details.

  • You operate a human-centric business striving for values alignment in your processes.

Got a challenge or a big goal for your business? Maybe you've got a cool idea, but you're not sure if it's the right move right now. That's where I come in!🗺️Clear Direction: This roadmap outlines a clear path forward. I help you assess the feasibility of your project, guiding you to make informed decisions.🌟Strategic Empowerment: Harness the power of strategy! My service doesn't just guide your project; it empowers it so you can choose the path that aligns best with your business goals and values.📿Values alignment: At the heart of my work is a commitment to human-centric strategies. I prioritize values that uplift and empower, steering clear of any tactics that could harm or compromise integrity. No “get-rich-quick” babble here!$2,000

Project Planning

  • You have a clear goal, but might not know the steps to get there.

  • You need tools to track the progress and success of your project.

  • You or someone on your team will lead the execution and management of the project once planning is complete.

If you have a project your business is already committed to following through on, but you have no idea how to get from start to finish, I can help. I meticulously break down your project into clear phases and milestones that you can execute on and track.Clear Timeline: Sometimes you know exactly where you want to go… but not how to get there. I break down your project, based on your goals and budget, into clear steps and milestones to get you from here to the desired outcome.🧭Strategic Direction: My methodologies are based on solid business strategy and industry best practices so you can work efficiently and effectively.👣Trackable Progress: How do you know a project is working? You track your progress! I'll provide detailed documentation for you to effortlessly monitor and track your project’s progress as you go.$5,000


For more information on my services or if you just want to connect, use the form on this page. You'll typically hear from me within 48 hours.

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